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Hywel Morgan

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 1 [Psychopathology] PSY240H1S W6-8 MS128 P. Morgan SS4001 4:00-5:30 Wednesday  DSM4 = Diagnostic Statistical Manual Version 4 – TR (Text Revision)  ICD10 = International Classification or Diseases Version 10 Published by the WHO  NOS = Not Otherwise Specified *doesn’t meet any of the diagnostic criteria of the pathologies in this/a category]  Evaluation  Drop deadline: November 4 th  3 methods  Midterm – 30%  American, short-answer  No essay  Essay Questions – 30%  Posted on BB 1 week before due  There will be an associated reading  10% each  Better to submit it as a hard copy during that class  Assignment 1 – due Oct 3 rd  Final Exam – 40%  Sometime between Dec 10 and 21 st  Won’t know until Oct 12 th  Are psychopathologies medical disorders?  What does it mean to behave “abnormally”  Behaviour that deviates from the average  Behaviour that results in harm to oneself or others  Behaviour that’s maladaptive  In terms of IQ:  100 means that you are 100% on-level with your peers  Less than 100 (significantly less) means that this person is pathological  So would someone that is significantly more than 100 IQ be considered psychopathological? No.  This presents a problem to the definition of psychopathology  For example, NOS’s. Easy to recognise but not identify.  Stigmatising!!  Someone diagnosed with Schizophrenia is no longer called a “Schizophrenic”, because it implies that they belong to the pathology. Therefore, they are called “someone with Schizophrenia”. Note that Schizophrenia is often not a chronic disorder.  1 way to identify abnormal behaviour  Statistical Criteria  This requires a gathering of statistical norms  Started at the beginning of WWII in North America to determine who is fit for war.  Diff between Psychologists and Psychiatrists  Psychiatrists use drugs while Psychologists use solely psychotherapy  Social workers also conduct psychotherapy  And psychiatric nurses  Problems with the Study  It disregards favourable attributes that deviate from the norm 
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