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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders. In two columns per page, printing two pages (in total four columns) per page side works well =)

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University of Toronto St. George

PSY240 Lecture 8 Psychotic Disorders bizarre (in theory could happen but no evidence) Persecutory: typically to self, Symptoms: Alterations in perceptions, thoughts, or spied on or ridiculed, most consciousness often non-bizarre Rarely diagnosed in children Referential: believes random things directed at himher DSM-IV categories: specifically Grandiose: specialmagical Schizophrenia powers, special relationships to Schizophreniform disorder Schizoaffective disorder higher-ups Delusional disorder Somatic: organs removed but no scars, insects crawling Brief psychotic disorder Shared psychotic disorder inside body Psychotic disorder due to general medical Being controlled: thoughts withdrawn from external condition Substance-induced psychotic disorder forces, thoughts broadcasted, thoughts planted into head oHallucinations distortions in perception History of Schizophrenia May occur in any sensory modality: Ppl described as crazy Kraeplin dementia praecox , chronic Auditory by far most intellectual deterioration, didnt get into common, usually experienced as voices distinct from ones subtypes and variations Bleuler schizophrenia = fragmented own thoughtsvoice mind, split head, used to think multiple o Orders, including to kill self + others identity disorder was schizophrenia, didnt Visual often accompanied by think course was always deteriorating oHis son did longitudinal study in USA: auditory only 10% chronic symptoms, 25% Tactile something crawling on skin or inside skin improved, 50% fluctuated btwn unstable and normal Somatic electricity in veins One of the most studied mental illnesses Make sure not considered part of oWhy so much heterogeneity religiouscultural ceremonies Group of schizophrenias Make sure cause distressimpairment in some way Schizophrenia Diagnosis Louis Wain cats paintings At least 2 of the following, each present for progressively more abstract as a significant portion of time during 1 disease progresses oDisorganized speech distortions in month: oDelusions firmly held distortions in thought process thought content Some think is most significant Misinterpretations of experiences feature of schizophrenia Incoherence of train of thought: Strong beliefs Important to ask background Derailment some thread of questions for evidence thought but must pay close attention Bizarre (cannot possibly happen, ex. Organ replacement wo scars, Tangentiality might sound thoughts telecasted) vs. non- completely coherent but
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