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lecture 2

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Daniela Polombo

-most direct way is to measure brain is electrical activity; electrical activity when neurons are firing action potentials (different concentrations of ions are changing) -haemodynamic don’t measure electrical activity directly, measures changes in blood flow and oxygenation of blood flow Eye movement monitoring: - can measure cognitive processes as they occur - non invasive, shines IR light in eye and measure reflectiveness - can see where people are looking, how long they are looking (duration of fixation), can look at number of transitions between regions, look at pupil diameter - the way you view familiar places is different from the way you view no familiar faces - when familiar with the face you look more at the eyes - young people who have intact memories become more efficient in viewing faces - Example: study – visiospatial memories; look at cognitive processes when learning memories, and matching. Healthy people will make eye movements back to the location of object 1 when they see object 2, older adults don’t do that - trying to teach older adults this method to see if it can improve memory Lecturer’s Study - correlation; people who looked back at locations that were studied did better and were more likely to get the trial correct - use eye movements to encode memory MRI - CT provides info of grey matter but it’s low resolution, cheaper - MRI gives a finer, spatial resolution - look at tracks of activity between brain regions MRI and Memory - in the 87 year old has larger ventricles - less grey and white matter in the old brain (more holes) - hippocampus is hit and the frontal lobe - voxel-based morphometry: quantitative metric used to measure differences in grey
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