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Language Acquisition

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Martin Ralph

Language AcquisitionInitial language learning not learning a second language Language is a coded representation of social communication thoughts feelings etc What is it that we do differently when we use language versus other means of communication This difference is the symbolic and coding nature of language Language Speech The expression of thoughts and ideas through production of soundsTo understand the spoken and printed words and to express idea in speech and writing is called languageA coded representation of thoughts ideas feelings and perception of the world Brocas Area production of language although not exclusively Wernicke s area understanding of language Language comes in a phonetic and an autographic form Phonetic things are oral and are produced by the organism directly to another organism We have a written language as well this is the autographic form of language We learn language uniquely we produce codification through special language areas in a way that other species cannot These areas are specialized to deal with the sounds that are used in language The development of these areas occurs slightly differently than other areas in the cortex although in relatively similar ways Areas of the cortex are basically assigned types of sound frequencies patterns of speech words etc Phonetics or phonemic awareness is a developmental step The Speech PathwayPrintedarticulated words are interpreted in the visualauditory cortex These are then converted into internal words the words we are aware of and think about the inner voice and their meaning is
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