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Sensation and Perception Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Jan Paulsson

Sensation and Perception Sensation - is the process by which our senses gather information and send it to the brain. The Five Basic Senses are: Hearing Vision Taste Smell Touch Perception Perception is the way our brain interprets sensations and therefore makes sense of everything around us. Our brain creates the world we inhabit. Each of us creates our own unique perception of the external world. Virtual Reality (VR) is an environment that is simulated by a computer. Your mind is fooled into believing that a virtual world (created inside the computer) is actually real. Immersive Virtual Reality Absolute Threshold The absolute threshold is the point where something becomes noticeable to our senses. It is the softest sound we can hear or the slightest touch we can feel. Anything less than this goes unnoticed. The absolute threshold is therefore the point at which a stimuli goes from undetectable to detectable to our senses. Difference Threshold The difference threshold is the amount of change needed for us to recognize that a change has occurred. This difference is not absolute, but rather depends on the present level of stimulation. Vision The human eye. We see with our eyes only a very small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Retina – Receptor Cells (Rods and Cones) Rods – B & W, 120 Million Light & Dark Only Connected in parallel (party-line). Share a data line to the brain. Ramifications: Need less light to function. Responsible for our night vision. Poor visual acuity. Cones – Color, 8 Million Private (individual) line to the brain. Ramifications: Need a lot of light to function. Excellent visual acuity. Cones are almost exclusively located at
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