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Lecture 11

PSY270H1F Lecture 11

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University of Toronto St. George
Kristie Dukewich

PSY270H1F L11; Nov 28, 2012 Participants solving algebra problems almost linear, Insight gradually increased Dont read Ch. 13 Insight problem ex: coin w 544BC, why is this wrong? o These dates were given now, not back then The gestault Approach 15s before record answer: see progress Ppl who got Q wrong: still had an AHA moment increase in warmth ratings Suggest the AHA moment, perception of insight, suggests more to do w restructuring to solve the problem o Feeling of insight comes when youve restructured the problem Kohler & Sultan (most famous subject, highest level of insight & problem-solving) Stranded on island during WWII, studied perception in primates, then problem-solving Gestault form or configuration Testing higher intelligence Consciousness tends to be organized into a coherent Primates are capable of insight whole o All-or-none: either able to solve the problem or not Gestault switch when pic switches from one config to Ex. Putting bananas outside of sultans cage just out of another reach; he had two poles, neither long enough to reach o Can happen in mental modeling based on verbal the bananas material o Sultan tried both poles, showed level of frustration Swimming under a bridge came two ducks in front of o Hesitation, doubt two ducks, two ducks behind two ducks and two ducks o Suddenly realized the poles could be attached in the middle how many ducks were there at all? o Wasnt trial & error, was sudden insight o 4 ducks! o Duck duck duck duck Incubation Insight problems a problem that requires a Wallass Moment of Illumination (1926) focus on restructuring of the way in which it is represented creativity, 4 stages: before it can be solved o Preparation o Insight restructuring o Incubation continued to work on the problem o Restructuring insight unconsciously o Insight might be epiphenomenal o Illumination sudden AHA insight moment, where a possible solution was presented o Verification Didnt use experimentation to come up w these stages o Up for debate o Anecdotal evidence: Watson & Crick double helix mightve just come to them at a party o Rosaline Franklin: took pics inside cells, showed double helix strands of DNA Mecap & Weeve: Warmth ratings : how close they thought they were to solving the problems Insight is a real experience, not epiphenomenal No break: Work for another 6mins Short break: 4mins Fixation Long break: 12mins Ppls tendency to focus on a specific characteristic of a Demanding task: crossword puzzles problem that prevents them from arriving at a solution Non-demanding task: looking thru magazines When participants forced to take breaks far more likely to solve Suppose you have 8 coins and a balance One of the coins The more demanding task led to more solutions than the is counterfeit & therefore ighter than the others. How less demanding task (proportion of participants who solved the insight can you find the counterfeit coins by using the balance only twice? problem) o Weight 3 & 3; if one set heavier: weigh 2 coins against each other to find which in the 3 is lighter Incubation: inconsistent findings o Many ppl say they get insight when not actively Functional Fixedness working on the problem o Hard to study going to happen on someone elses timeline o Inconsistency could be due to it happening on a dif timeline, out of the context of the expt Why might is help? o Unconstrained spreading activation, reactivation Activation of one idea will cause activation in linked memories Activation unconstrained by stepping away from the problem: sometimes goes towards the accurate answer Consolidation: 1 aspect is reconsolidation particularly during sleep Concepts similar in nature are reactivated Reactivate concepts w underlying structure of problem, not the superficial Goal: realize that a box coud be used as something to stand on surface concepts Numerous reports of ppl having gained insights Pr-utilization grp: presented w the box hiding items from dreams supports this notion No pre-utilization grp: box presented em
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