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The basics of cognitive psychology Second lecture notes and reading. This lecture focused on the basics of cognitive psychology; the brain, neurons and brain imaging techniques.

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Gillian Rowe

Reading NotesHow do neurons process informationHow are faces represented by the firing of neuronsHow does brain change functioning to adapt to environmental conditionalsStimulus stimulates receptors that change the stimulus into electrical signals These go throughout the brain in order to create responses We also receive knowledge and use knowledge throughout this process What are neuronsNeurons are the building blocks and transmission lines of the nervous system There are around 180 billion of them in the brain How are these neurons organizedHow do they signal information about the environmental and create actions in response to the environmentNeuronsMake up the brainTransmit electricity and communicate with one anotherThey are specialized to receive and transmit information fromto the nervous systemEnvironmental energy is made into electrical energy for this transmission of information to occurGolgi confirmed the existence of neurons by staining some neurons leaving most unstained and seeingfiguring out the structure of single neurons Structure of Neurons1Cell body keeps cell alive2Dendrites branch out and receive signals3Axon transmits signals This nerve fibre tube conducts electrical signals4Sensory receptor instead of cell bodydendrites Receives information Neurons Respond To1Light energyvision 2Mechanical deformationtouchpain3Pressure change in the airhearingsound4Air moleculessmell5Liquid moleculestasteWhat is TRANSDUCTIONThis is the process with which environmental energy is transferred into electrical energy or vice versa electrical energy is transferred into environmental energy Within the nervous system is occurs when
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