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Lecture on Long-Term Memory

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Gillian Rowe

Lecture 1 Episodic memory: uniquely human? (Clayton & Dickinson, 1998) To find if scrub-jays (non-human) can also form episodic memory by recalling what happened in the past In trial 1, peanut was cached first and then there was a delay for 120 hours. After that, worm was cached followed by 4 hours delay. In trial 2, worm was cached first and then there was a delay for 120 hours. After that, peanut was cached followed by 4 hours delay. Results show that in trial 1, scrub-jays searched for worms because worms that were still fresh (only 4 hours has passed) while in trial 2, scrub-jays searched for peanuts instead of worms since worms were not fresh (120 hours has passed) Indicates that episodic memory is not uniquely human Implicit memory in everyday experience: Propaganda effect (Perfect & Askew, 1994) Ps were asked to scan articles in a magazine (advertisement included) They were told not to pay attention to the ads Later, they were just shown ads (some from magazines, others that had never been exposed to) Asked to rate ads (appealing, eye-catching, distinct, memorable) Higher ratings for those from magazine Indicates that ppl are more
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