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Notes for Lecture on Cognitive Neuroscience

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University of Toronto St. George
Gillian Rowe

HOW TO STUDY THE TEXT never read a chapter all at once 1 major section at a time (no notes) then think about whats important, the experiments (& how they provide evidence for what theyre studying) etc o THEN take notes on one major section, then move on to the nexty. th JANUARY 18 NEURO NEURONS Building blocks of the nervous system NERVOUS SYSTEM controls our mental life, cognitive theories should be neurally plausible to be useful. We have approx. 100 billion neurons Certain activities may increase dendrite growth, increase connections 20-25% of oxygen in body is used by BRAIN! 75% of BRAIN = WATER COMMUNICATION You gotta transform energy from outside around us certain internal signalsmessages Via TRANSDUCTION Neurotransmitters = messengers. Chemicals that affect the electrical signal of the receiving neuron Excitatory: increases CHANCE that neuron will fire o Norepinephrine: adrenal gland in hormone system blood & CNS. Stress hormone & lots more She had a horse who was very anxious o Endorphins endogenous morphine: bodys natural pain-killer o Dopamine: pleasure, parkinsons, schizophrenia inhibitory: decreases CHANCE neuron will fire o GABA DOPAMINE FUNCTION: Dopamine crosses the gap binds to receptors on postsynaptic cleft, new electrical impulse is generated, message continues on. Extras go back to
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