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PSY270H1F Lecture 1

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Kristie Dukewich

PSY270H1F L1; Sept 12, 2012 The Cognitive Approach Introduction Plato: Nativist knowledge is innate, born knowing all the info Many graphs in this course we have, al there to be discovered at birth Pedogogy = study of teaching o Abstract, mystical, didnt check beliefs w world around o Shows iclickers help to enjoy & learn more him o Talking to peers improves these more than anything else o Did not agree w empiricism Refer to prof as Dr. o Aristotles mentor o Dont know much about his writing besides what Tips for this class Aristotle left behind Dont copy anything on the grey slides Aristotle: Empiricist knowledge acquired thru experience o Anchor pts of whats coming up, helps to organize o Ppl make empirical observations that get assimilated into If I say X refers to their knowledge o Write down o Memory = associations bwn knowledge If I say just as a side note o Ways thru which associations are formed: o Contiguity (nearness in time & space; major tenant of o Not on exam, dont write down If I mention a name vs. If a name is included on the slide operant conditioning), frequency (the more we o Know names on slides experience contiguity, the stronger the association btwn the ideas), similarity (things that are similar in nature o Who they are, general area of research, what they discovered will get linked together & trigger recall of each other; also If I dont cover it in class, you will still need to know it includes possibility of contrast, extreme opposites can also be linked [ex. Big + small. Short + tall) Take risks, make mistakes o Modern research has shown he was on track If you ask me a question I dont know the answer to... Urgent email : no caps, be professional Implicit association tasks: used to find bias ppl may not know they have even w quick reaction time o Congruent block: words match, shows bias o Incongruent block; categories mismatch Cognitive Psychology The scientific study of the mind Experimental o the mind creates & controls mental fns o Using evidence o Refinement of Folk Psychology commonsense theories Rene Descartes or assumptions, created by observing ourselves & other o Cogito ergo sum I think therefore I am ppl o Executive control inhibits automatic responses o Dualism: Mind & body are separate Governed by frontal lobe Under-developed in Allowed mind to be of scientific study children, why hard to resist Mind = immaterial, divine, drives body Body = more than sum of parts Perception, attention, memory, mental representations, language, Problem-Solving, Reasoning, Decision-Making Animal spirits & Some sensory info comes in thru Look at graphs in chapters, x-y-axes eyes stimulate pineal gland release fluid reflected down tubes into body triggers motor How do you recognize this object? response How does a person recall how many windows there are in her o Started convo on cognition again o Was agreed with by spiritual authorities seen mind seen house? as divine How do you understand the following situation? How does one solve the following problem? o Nativist (knowledge = innate) + o Rationalist (human beings rationalize and thru this come o Ex. Candle problem to discovery; rationalization = innate) Historical Context o Whats important is what we rationalize Makes sense Plato & Aristotle Descartes & Locke -- John Locke William James & Associationism Alive around same time as Descartes Darwin, Darwin & Galton Profound Empiricist Donders The mind thru a prism -- o Break down thoughts into elements Wilhem Wundt o Metaphor for knowledge Hermann Ebbinghaus o Ex. Cherry = red, sweet, round The Reign of Behaviorism
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