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PSY270H1F Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Kristie Dukewich

stPSY270H1F L5 Oct 10 2012 o 1 learned list while underwater ndo 2 learned list while on landRecall in same location as where studied or at dif location o When context for encoding matched context for retrievalperformance betterWordlearning task trying to list words in two contexts Iclicker What kind of memory is autobiographicalStateDependent LearningEpisodic semantic explicit declarative o Info encoded along w physiological or psychologicalstate reinstating context state can serve as a retrieval Announcements cue th Midterm Oct 17 in class o Contextinternal o Multiple choice 70 Short Answer 30 o Mooddependent learningpsychologicalo Lecture 70 Txtbk 30 physiological state o 2hrs o Bring ID water pencil eraser o Dont need to know dates o Know names mentioned on slides o Ch 125678Ch 78 LTM ProcessesErrorsProcesses of LTM o Encoding o Retrieval o Storage consolidationreconsolidationEveryday Memorymemory errors o Autobiographical memory o Exceptional events o The constructive nature of memoryo Modifying memoryAAppl who consumed alchol at time of encodingtime of o Eyewitness memory retrieval SSsober at both times EncodingRetrievalASalcohol at encoding sober at retrievalEncodingstorageretrievalSAsober at encoding alcohol t retrieval o Retrieval matching conditions of encodingretrievalTrying to learn sentences day 1 then day 2 The only grp w virtually identical performance was AA Retrieval Matching Conditions of Encoding o Everyone else did worse at time of retrievalEncoding specificity o Not statistically significant so all grps essentially o Info encoded along w context reinstating context can performed the same at time of ER serve as retrieval cueOther grps performed worse since internal physiological o Contextexternal context did not match in ER o Only big difs matter ex Preference for where to sit inResearch w other drugs like marijuana cocaine classthe class room itself doesnt matter as long as youBest ER when sober sit in a class room somewhereo Why prof likes to tell stories in classTransfer Appropriate ProcessingCircumstances can be a retrieval cue o Info encoded along w mental processes reinstatingWhen experiencing something not just specific info encoded context an serve as a retrieval cue but also where it gets encodedother info swept up into the o Contextinternal mental processes memoryExpt Task does the following make sense o Presented w a worda sentence q a blank asked if sentence makes sense semantically o States of encoding o Standard PLANEthehad a silver engine o Rhyme EAGLE rhymes w legal2 grps of participants
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