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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Depth and Motion

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University of Toronto St. George
Christine Burton

Depth and MotionLecture 6Depth Informationnonmetrical info about one object in front of another nothing about how large it ismetrical depth some distance inforelative depth something is farther a lot a littleabsolute metrical depth exact physical distanceThe Problem with Depth PerceptionAssume depth dont get depth information from visual signal its a good guess usuallyhow do we figure out that 3rd informationcuz depth is not given in visual infovisual system takes a lot of info from world that isnt variable and combines it to guess what the distance isDepth Cuesmonocular and binocular one eye or require 2 eyesphysiological cuesmonocular and binocularaccommodation monocular focus on close things round thick lensthings farther away flat thin lensabsolute metrical cueproblem only works within the areas that there is variability of lens thicknessthere is a limited range between near and far pointVergence movements your eyes move to focus on objectfarther diverge closer convergebrain uses info from muscles to see how much convergence there isabsolute metrical depth cuelimitation only gives info to about 2 meters eyes cant diverge anymorePictorial cues all monocularsame cues as artists useOcclusion when one object in front of other the one behind is occludedso object that we see in entirety is in front using gestalt principlesno distance infononmetrical depth cueShadowscast shadow cast shadow on ground give most depth infothe farther the linear distance from the object the greater the perceived depthattached shadow attached to actual objects more about info about object shapebut some info about depth in form of shadinglooks indented because of shading assume more light at top than bottom so illusion of depth
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