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PSY280 JULY 3, 2012 SOC205, PSY328, CLA204, PSY493, PSY312, GLG205 MAYBE PHY205, SOC309, NEED .5 FOR SOC AND 1 BONUS LOOK AT ASSU, IT IS BEFORE DROP DATE FIRST TERM TEST JULY 17, 2HRS SECOND AUGUST 2, HRS BONUS ON BRAINPSYNUP, INTRO TO PERCEPTION What is perception - How important percepition is in everything we do - Shows anytype of info comes from your senses, nothing without perception in generela - What is colour of sky, blue - What is warmers - All basic knowledge aquire through senses - How u know it say bc I experience - I learned through books friends - All required by senses, listening, feeling, all acquired from senses - All info comes from senses - What is study of perception - Really how u deal with external world and rep in mind, and what is going on around us - Using rep to respond ton environment Multi - Involves everything you learn - Wide variety of domains - Phys science what comes into ur science - All different question same basis - Phy science what is light and is sound - Bio how it operates how sensory system operates - Humans pred front better depth perception and evo - Anat – structure of sensory patheays, microscopic componensts of all systems - Perc psy – concern mental processes that take place, sense energy transmitted to nervous system and reop and perc experience - Comp sci – how use what know about perc and use to help people like glasses or ear - Philosophy – what is rep in the mind - Art – chalk drawing depth in pic looks like siting in waer, use perc commanlity and implement into art nd make realistic Per proc - 3 - First is stim - 3nd converting to electrical energy - And then electrical signal to experience and action - And knowldeg and info bring in, any sense use to transmit of - Recognize vs action, knowldeg act upon it Stim - Stimulus path - Env stim anything in env we can process – like projector, sitting next anything external to self, so much cant take everything in at once, to finc efficiently one or few things, not everything then adhd or other problems not benfical, speci stim then stim stimulating of sensory receptors, - Focus on comp, many other stuff that computer retina in eye, then light in eye Electricity - Onces stim - Transduction concerting one form of enery to another - Vison light - Sound sound wave - Taste chemical - Everything coming in to electrical signal - Various types - Image is rod – receptor in eye as comes in transduction and outputted as electicity and then to braind - Electrical signal interpreted by brain - Needs to be transmissted - Chain rxn , one neruron stim another to brain, vcery small but axon long cont to area of braub - Until neural processing, convergence of electrical signals in brain - Focus attention on vsion then vision cortex - Were goals our direct to pathway Exp and action - Not enough perceptual exp but aware of it - Not merely sensation, not just physical sensation but process it in brain and aware - Outcome of rec or action - Reco – categorize an object, see something mouth eyes see as face not in environment not cate no value - Action – ability to respond in environment lke waving or turn other way, respond action interms of perceptop Knowledge - Any one of these steps - Brought or acquired from sut - Top down, bring into sit, not decomposing to elemesnt but as a whole - Like face prcessing all together not nose but all - Bottom up , Conciusness - Perceive need to reach conscious awareness - Debated for 1000 of years and to this day - 2 types - Wither one - State of being mental state u r in when aware not content but state, face then mental rep of face - Perce awarenemt, that’s a face and act accordingly to it – more use info and respond to it - This course conscious of perceptual awareness Per and conc - Consciousness as stae vs perc - 2010 - Cambridge, owne at western - Looked at peoplel in veg state – coma unconuciyus and unaware coma, wakefulness without awareness is veg state - Veg have sleep wake but not responsive - Not show aware - See if awake are aware - Test fmri - Imagine two scenarioys - Playing tennis - And navuagting through space - Control normal - Standing tennis court and hitting to instructor – act predominate in somatosenory cortex responds when do phys activity or imaginar - Nav – in house walking into sep rooms and which one next or neighborhood turn corner, landmarks activates parahiccompa place area - Act in brain distinct and robust Reuskts - Veg firs one
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