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Matthias Niemeier

PSY 280PERCEPTIONM NEIMEIER092612HEARING PHYSIOLOGY AND PSYCHOACOUSTICSQWhat is flavour What is the difference between smell and flavour What happens on a sensory level Which single ingredient can enhance the flavour of any kind of fruit juice WhyWhat is soundSounds are created when objects vibrate oVibrations of object cause molecules in objects surrounding medium to vibrate as well which causes pressure changes in mediumoLongitudinal directionoSpeed of sound depends on density of mediumAir 340 msWater 1500 msFrequency and AmplitudeoVibrating body causes the compression and expansion of air moleculesoAmplitude sine wave representation of the pressure wavesoOne cycle updownone wavelengthoGreater amplitude of movementamplitude doubled frequency same as beforeoGreater frequency of movementamplitude same as original frequency doubled Basic qualities of sound wavesoAmplitudemagnitude of displacement of a sound pressure waveoIntensityamount of sound energy falling on a unit areaMeasured in decibels sound pressure level dB SPLoDecibelsratio between the pressure of some sound and the pressure of a reference sound P minimum0dB20logpp eg 20log260oLoudnessthe psychological aspect of sound related to perceive intensity or magnitudeHumans can hear across a wide range of sound intensitiesoRatio between faintest and loudest sounds is more than one to one million 6dBdouble the amount of pressureBasic qualities of sound waves 2
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