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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Neurochemistry

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Franca Placenza

Neurotransmitter-receptor interactions 1. Receptor act as >> lock 2. Neurotransmitter >> key Receptors I I Two major families A. Ionotropic Receptors i. Simplest receptor bc they directly control ion channel ii. When neurotransmitters attach to these, effects are fast-acting and effects short-lived B. Fast-acting bc only a one-step process C. Multiple sub-units that make up receptor and channel D. Metabotropic Receptors i. Indirectly control ion channels via activation of G-proteins ii. Sublet of G-protein (connected to receptor) breaks off and binds to a nearby channel which openscloses the ion channel E. Can also control ion channels through secondary messengers i. G-protein goes to an enzyme (for example) and then a second messenger is sent from that F. However the second messenger doesnt necessarily have to activate an ion channel G. Slow-acting and produce sustained activity i. Bc more steps that need to take place 3. Other ways of classifying receptors A. Based on the type of post-synaptic potentials they are associated with i. Excitatory receptors ii. Inhibitory receptors B. Based on their specific function i. EX = Transporters (receptors found on pre-synaptic terminal involved in reuptake) Take back up the neurotransmitter that has been released (recycling mechanism) Not all transmitters have transporter receptors ii. EX = Autoreceptors (found on the pre-synaptic terminal makes sure neurotransmitter levels are good) Job is to shut down activity of terminal that has just released the neurotransmitter so there is not too much
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