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Lecture 6

Lecture 6-Development of the Self-Concept Oct 20

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PSY311: Lecture #6 Oct 20, 2008 Chapter 6 Notes - self: the combination of physical and psychological attributes that is unique to each individual - looking-JO,8880O1.KLO880O1.43.059L8O,7J0O09072L30-9K0Z,849K0755O70854394 him - social cognition: thinking having to do with thoughts about others Development of the Self-Concept - proprioceptive feedback o sensory information from your body that help you locate the position of your body or parts in space - personal agency: to recognize that one is the cause of an event - self-recognition: the ability to recognize yourself in a mirror - rouge test: test of self-reconigiton that involves putting a red dot on the infants nose and see how they respond (by wiping it off their own face or wiping it off on the mirror) - present self o recognize yourself at the present but cannot link events to the past with yourself and future events (2-3yrs old) - extended self o able to integrate past, present and future into concept of self o 3.5-5yr olds - categorical self o classification of self along important social catego
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