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Lecture 8

Lecture 8-What is Aggression Nov 4

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Chapter 9: Aggression & Antisocial Conduct th Nov 4 , 2008-11-04 Notes What is Aggression? - Thanatos o [ZLK}]L}LZo-destructive instincts which all human have o Anger build up and releases once it passes a critical point in the form of aggression - Behavioural definition of aggression o Any action that delivers noxious stimuli to another organism - Intentional definition of aggression o The act is aggressive provided the actor had a hostile intent o Hostile intent }[Z2}o]Z}ZK}]LE] ]m o Instrumental aggression }[Z2}o]Z}2]L ZZ}}E Z7]]o2Z : Theories of Aggression - Frustrationaggression hypothesis o Frustration triggers aggression and that all aggressive acts can be traced to frustration - Proactive aggressor o High level of aggression children who find aggressive acts easy to perform and who rely on aggression as a mean of solving social problems or achieving their goals - Reactive aggressors o High level of aggression children bc they overattribute hostile intent of others and cant
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