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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Hywel Morgan

LECTURE 6: MEMORY Competing memories, how we form and store memories. Schafteron, and Schriffen. Craig and Lockhart theory: information process and elaboration model. If an emotion attached to an event, we are more likely to remember an event, when emotion is evoked again more likely to remember it. Memory Processes Encoding: transforming information into a form that can be entered and retained in the memory system. Storage: retaining information in memory so that it can be used at a later time. Retrieval: recovering information stored in memory so that we are consciously aware of it. Sensory memory: limitless capacity. Filtering by attention. Duration: half a second to a second. Working memory: around 7 chunks of information capacity. Duration: 20 seconds. Long term memory: unlimited capacity. Duration: unlimited. Info processing theory to describe memory. Good for artificial intelligence ie/computer. Encoding and retrieving at the same time-sophisticated process. Filtering out other things. Automatic: interpreting changes in sound waves and meaning and Effortful: effortful concentrating on speech. Automatic process: Habituation andAssociative learning-two types: operant and classical conditioning Effortful processing requires attention and conscious effort Types of LONG-TERM memory (Tolving): explicit: memory with awareness; info can be consciously recollected; also called declarative memory. Episodic:events you have experienced (internal diary), most sophisticated, tied to personal experience. Explicit because you can actively declare your answers and semantic: general facts, not tied to personal events, does not depend on typing the item to your past. Can use explicit memory to directly respond to a question. Implicit: memory without awareness; memor
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