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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Hywel Morgan

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Lecture 9:Adolescence Cognitive development Conceptions of Adolescence: Biological Perspective: puberty, storm and stress, Freud- genital stage. Hormonal changes that are occurring. More active parts of the brain. Major source of stress are parents. Social Perspective: social and culture influence- You form perspectives of the world that are not the same as your parents, you de-idealize them. Begin to form opinions that maybe naïve on global warming. Parents are practical whereas teens do not conform. Balanced POV: both biological and social influences: forms cognitive perspectives a teenager has about the world. Parent-Child Relationships DuringAdolescence Rise in Conflict: main source of information are not parents but main source of interaction are peers. At 15 out with friends so distancing.Asocial shift is occurring. • adaptive behaviour • Psychological distancing • Different views of teen readiness for responsibility Most conflict is mild. Also affection, support. By 20 conflict is resolved. Piaget's Theory: Formal Operational Stage- significant changes occurring because of reason, abstract thoughts. Hypothetico-deductive reasoning: deducing hypotheses from a general theory, pendulum problem. Trial and error doesn’t require logic, takes a long time to learn through t-e. learning by logic occurs at this stage. Propositional thought: evaluating the logic of verbal propositions. Pendulum problem: could not solve this until adolescence. Depend on weight, length or arc of swing to furthest are the choices. uses all three need to be used. • School age children start developing abstract thinking skills ie/language. Logical necessity. Way of thinking we don’t use all the time because rely on schemas. • Formal operations may not be universal. Training, context contribute, Often fall back on easier thinking, Schooling essential factor. Symbolism early as 3 or 4. Changes in the brain (chemicals and NT, myelination continuing to occur in adolescence) make this possible Information-Processing Improvements inAdolescence -improved capacity, increase in attention due to prefrontal cortex, inhibition, memory strategies- studying, knowledge base is increasing- semantic memory, metacognition-understanding what yo
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