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Lecture 6

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Adam Dube

Feb 11 Lecture 6 Conceptual DevelopmentTheory of Mind TOM Childrens understanding of thinking and consciousnessTheory of mindA coherent understanding of people as mental beings which children revise as they encounter new evidenceA basic understanding of how the mind works and how it influences behaviourTOM in infancy birth2 year of ageView people different form objectsDevelop sense of intentionality1Observational learning Children recognize and understand people have intention Develop empathyCategorizationBeginning early in development children attempt to understand what kinds of things there are in the world by dividing the objects they perceives into three general categoriesCrucial because different concepts apply to different objects1Inanimate objects2People compliant agents agents agency They move in their free will Compliant do to comply infants 3Living thingsObject knowledge In contrast to Piagets description of the development of object permanence a great deal of evidence now indicates that young infants are in fact able to mentally represent and think about the existence of invisib
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