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Lecture 3

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Adam Dube

Jan 21 Lecture 3 Biology Behaviour and DevelopmentOverviewNature and nurture posting questions about the cause we are predisposed to ask these questions and expect a simple answerBoth heredity and environment influence individuals characteristicsGenes have the underlie potential When scientists first began to investigate the contribution of heredity and environment they generally emphasized one factor or the other as the prime influenceRecent efforts to map the human genome established that individuals differ from one another by only about 115 of their genesBrain developmentThe science concerned with how variation in behaviour and development results from the combination of genetic and environmental factorsQuestion Why are people different from one anotherAnswer Behavioural traits are heritableinfluenced by hereditary factorsNature and nurtureGenetic and environmental forces interplay between gens and experience is very complexThree key elements of the model1Genotype the genetic material an individual inherits2Phenotype the observable and measureable expression of the genotype including body characteristics and behaviour the behaviour that can be measure Physical manifestation Genotype and environment produce phenotype3Environment includes every aspect of the individual and his or her surroundings other than genesGenetics and environmental influence1Parents genetic contribution to the childs genotype2Contributions of the childs genotype to his or her own phenotype3Contribution of the childs environment to his or her own phenotype
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