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Lecture 7

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Adam Dube

Intelligence and CreativityCognitive development process of thoughts How thinking actually function how it occursIntelligence product of thoughts Something that is measured something that you can ask question about and get the answerWhat is IntelligenceIntelligence a primerThe first successful intelligence test constructed by French psychologist Alfred Binet and his colleague Theodore Simon in 1905Binet created a way for accessing childrens performance in school to identify children with difficulties He created an intelligence test which measures facts and knowledge individuals understanding of math vocab problem solvingmore than just reaction time and simple behaviourAn objective method for assigning pupils to special classes based on mental abilityIn 1916 Stanford University adapted it for englishspeaking schoolchildren StanfordBinet Intelligence ScaleIntelligence as a Single TraitPerformance on almost all intellectual tasks is positively correlated leading to the hypothesis that each individual possesses a certain amount of g General intelligencethe part of intelligence common to all intellectual tasksIdea of correlation Factor analysis finding relationships among bunches of variables Different types of intelligence measurement at that time were all related to each other Thus there might be some underlying intelligence make you a better reasoner information processing mathg There might be something underlying that makes you better at all theseSupporting the usefulness of viewing intelligence as a single entity measures of g correlate withIndicators of school achievementInformation processing speedThe speed of neural retransmission in the brainKnowledge of subjects not studied in schoolIntelligence as a Few Basic AbilitiesThere are also good arguments for viewing intelligence as more than a single general entityThe simplest such view holds that there are two types of intelligenceCrystallized intelligence factual knowledge about the worldEg 5630 or the capital of CanadaFluid intelligence the ability to think on the spot to solve problemsBuild to manipulate the factual knowledge in some wayAmong children with similar cultural and educational backgrounds crystallized intelligence are highly correlated If you are to look within cultural studies for example in North America you would find crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence are highly correlated with each other but in cross cultures they are not correlated This is because crystallized intelligence is deemed important in that culture People from other culture does not see it important enough to teach the children
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