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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Adam Dube

The FamilyThe Nature and Functions of the Family Functions of FamiliesSurvival of offspring infants are not selfsufficientEconomic function reinforce for survival of offspring just that it is in modern Money and access to skillsCultural training reinforce for survival of offspring just that it is in modern We get it from parentsFamily DynamicsHow the family operates as a whole determines to a great extent how well a family fulfills its basic childrearing functions Conclusions regarding family dynamics Family members all inuence one another both directly and indirectly Family is not hierarchy It is not just parent to kids Individuals influence each others Family functioning is inuenced by the social support the family receives from the sociocultural context including extendedfamily members and institutions such as churchesAlways remember family in society does not succeed or fail how well do they keep the kids alive base their own The functioning is influenced by society The society that supports families are important for family functioning eg society supportive for single parent family vs single family in society without subsidy extended supports are importantFamily dynamics must be examined developmentally because dynamics change as children reach different agesFamily dynamics may also be altered by changes in the parents and in the relationships of other family members and may be modified by both gradual and abrupt changes in the family structure Family dynamic changes eg divorce changes in personality family structure parents parent pass away can directly affect family functioningThe characteristics of children contribute to parentchild interaction and the characteristics of family members affect family interactionsNot just top down family system Individuals personality affects interactions eg one wants to go to Harvardvs one wants to go to collegeThe Influence of Parental Socialization Socialization is the process through which children acquire the values standards skills knowledge and behaviours that are regarded as appropriate to their present and future roles in their particular cultureIn terms of family functioning economic and cultural skills for future success culture reason attitudeSocializationParents can influence their childrens development through socialization in at least three different ways
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