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Lecture 4

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Adam Dube

Jan 28 Lecture 4 Theories of Cognitive DevelopmentWhy developmental theoriesProvide a framework for understanding important phenomenaRaise crucial questions about human natureMotivate new research studies that lead to a better understanding of childrenOverviewPiagets TheoryInformationProcessing TheoriesIII CoreKnowledge TheoriesIV Sociocultural TheoriesV DynamicSystems TheoriesPiagets TheoryHis insightsOriginally a biologist was always interested in psychologyWorked with Binet the creator of the IQ testHe disagrees with Binet and postulate that IQ developed qualitatively not quantitatively Binet tried to demonstrate that certain individuals in school need assistance Piaget believed that children qualitatively think differently It is not matter of adding more knowledgeProposed that intelligence grows qualitativelyGenetic epistemologyAs the form of knowledgeCentral conceptsA schema is an organized way of interacting with the environment and experiencing the worldSchemata guide thoughts based on prior experiencesPerceptual informationorganization schemaaction Schemas can change through adaptationAdaptation involves building schemas through direct interaction with the environmentCognitive development is made of two complimentary processesAssimilationAccommodationIn assimilation new ideas and experiences are incorporated into existing mental structures and behavioursIn accommodation previously developed mental structures and behaviours schemata are modified to adapt them to new experiencesThey change how they understand the worldSchemas also change through a second process called organizationOrganization occurs internally which we can organize objects into categoriesEquilibrium vs disequilibriumDuring times of little change oThere is more assimilation than accommodation Developmental stages
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