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University of Toronto St. George
Kristie Dukewich

Lecture 11 November 23 2012 Podcasts Radiolab inheritance recap of epigenetics Listen for review of lectureEstablishing Intelligence Compensatory Educaation programAt first huge difference in IQBut once exited programs follow up few years later showed that most advantages were lost by grade 4 only a few yearsCarolina abecedarianControl groups received some benefits like nutritious meals social service but none of the interactive features daycare focusing on perceptual motor skills skills learned through interactingSee a discrepancy forming over timeAt 12 years the 6 point difference IQ was considered significantBut at 21 years old 5 points but still significant but the effect size is not huge just because significant doesnt mean its important still within 1 SDHowever other measures that are NOT IQ are profound tey had higher academic achievement more likely to finish HS have skilled jobs less likely to get knocked up as teens less likely to drugssmokingIs IQ really that important LanguageImportant to thinking and culture as a wholeMaybe not unique to just humansLanguage is symbolic stands in for something else but the specific words are completely arbitraty words can mean whatever we decide them to meanEg Word ironic used wrong a lot but if you know what they actually mean by it coincidental then is it really wrongAnimal sounds different in different languages arbitraryStructured syntax rules to follow to make a proper sentence in every languageDynamic thingsconventions change over time holp to helped Phonology Souunds of a language
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