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Kristie Dukewich

Cognitive development Nov 16 2012 Neurons and synapsesPush for neurogenesis is first 20 weeks of gestation but seems to somewhat stop at birth ALTHOUGH new neurons are created in adults but only in specific parts of the brain Hippocampus For spatial functioning memory dentate gyrusTakes few weeks for neurogenesis to get started Eg takes few weeks for depression meds to workNeurons reach their final destination about 7 months after conceptionSynaptogenesismyelination generally completed after birthNodes of ranvier periodic breaks in mylenation can jump from one link to nextShortens length needed for action potential to travel o Sensory systems mylenated by 1 year motor by 2 year frontal cortex not fully mylenated until early adulthood o Follows trajectory of the systems that you need order of need importanceInfants born with more neurons than they need apoptosis to prune away what doesnt get used Its an active prcess neuronal suicideNeurons not close to other neurons that are active dont get BDNFNeurons that are not
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