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Ashley Waggoner Denton

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PSY320H1F: October 2 , 2012 Chapter 9 (p. 175 – 179) The Effects of Body Movements on Attitudes I. Motor actions and emotion - Strack, Martin, & Stepper (1988):  Asked participants to look at different drawings while holding a pen in their mouth  Gripping with teeth (smile) vs. gripping with lips (frown)  Those in the smile condition found the drawings significantly more amusing II. Motor actions and attitude - Wells & Petty (1980):  Listen to an editorial through headphones, believed they were evaluating the quality of the headphones  Nod their head (jogging quality) or shake their heads (cycling quality)  Nodders agreed more than the shakers - Cacioppo, Priester, & Berntson (1993):  Seated at a desk, asked to say whether they liked or disliked 24 different Chinese ideographs  Indicate attitude while lifting their palms up against the bottom of the table (flexion) vs. pressing their palms down against the top of the table (extension)  Ideographs viewed du
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