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Lecture on Research Methodology

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Dax Urbszat

Reliability: true variancetotal variance Test-retest: test is administered twice at two different points in time assuming that theres no inequality nor change (ie: IQ score should be the same for the same person *reliability is the most at short intervals of time because after a year, significant changes may occur) Inter-rater reliability: two or more independent judges score the test Parallel-forms reliability: administer the two different tests that were created using the same content and then compare the score (ie: version A and version B => if the score is the same, it has a good quality) Internal consistency: when a test has the same item more than once (ie: the same question may be asked in different words, and they should have the same response in order to make sure theres reliability) Validity: you cant never get rid of random error; different methods have different systematic errors Face validity: if a measure appears (on the face of it) to measure what it is supposed to measure (ie: depression = have questions about isolation, sadness; so that the test looks like whats supposed to measure -> more direct) Convergent validity: the degree to which scores on a test correlated with scores on other tests that are designed to assess the same construct (ie: depression scale: measure the same people on one depression scale PLUS a new scale => if the score is the same, theres convergent validity) Discriminant validity: the degree to which scores on a test DO NOT correlate with scores from other tests that ARE NOT designed to assess the same construct (ie: measure depression scale => test it against other scales such as anxiety scale to make sure theres no correlation) Self report: unstructured questions vs. scaling (=a continuum from very ve to +ve attitudes) Bogarduss social distance: measur
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