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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Simone Walker

LECTURE 8 1. collectivism: orientation toward ones group and needs and wished to ones group 2. Agency: certain amount of autonomy and independence. 3. 3. Assertiveness 4. 4. Relatedness Do men and women score differently on these four factors? Agency assertiveness and collectivism showed no difference in scores. Only dimension saw a gender difference was relatedness. Women across cultures scored higher compared to men. True for all of the cultures they examined. Men are not more independent and women interdependent just maybe women are more interdependent only to the sensitivity and needs of others. Multinational corporation employers. Found several dimensions in variations in values. Found masculinity and femininity dimension. Loose cultures’norms regarding expectations for ppls behaviour, not clearly defined and conveyed. Fewer and less severe sanctions when violating these norms. Flexbility in the types of behviors considered to be gender are looser in heterogenous cultures Tight- clear and explicit norms, punishments violating these norms. Females outperform males are hunting and gathering, normadic Norms and expectations regarding what mena dn womena re supposed to are looser results in reverse of typical or early findings of gender difference. Women confirm more than men stereotype universal? Conformity index indicates likelihood to extent
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