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Nick Rule

MORALITY RELIGION AND JUSTICERELIGION IN THE WORLD secularization theory religion on decline ppl are nding new secularrational ways to make sense of their livesdata suggests otherwise92 of Americans believe in God or higher powerreligion seem to be growing across the globeINTERPRETIVE MODELmodels for making sense of cultural diversityUniversalism people largely same cultural difference supercialvariability in languagecloser examination of lang show that they do have much in common universal grammar thats evident in all languagesRelativism cultural diversity reects genuinely diff psych processesculture and thought are mutually constitutedcultural practices are viewed to lead to certain habitual ways of thinkingbc cultural practices vary then thinking should also varyEvolutionism cultural diff reect increasing stages of developmentsome ways of thinking are more matureadvanced than othersppl of diff cultures would all think in the same ways once they reached the same point of development or participated in a cultural context that allowed for the full expression of the minds capabilitiespolytheismmonotheismatheismEthnocentrism evolutionist perspective met by resistance from cultural psychologistsbc of concerns over whether one can objectively identify a standard for evaluating psych phenomenon leads ppl to assume that their on cultures way of life is in some ways better or more natural than that of others
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