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Sociocultural Approach

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Chasteen

PSY322 Lecture 02: Sociocultural Approach Readings: Lavine, Sweeney, & Wagner (1999), Iijima, Hall & Crum (1994) Outline - Gender Stereotypes o Trends in Print Media o Effects of TV ads & sitcoms Face-isms, objectification N Cognitive and behavioral consequences Body image, female weight - Diversity in TV ads J not as much research compared to with gender! Gender Stereotypes in Print Media - What do we see in ads published in print media? o :2:}_ Bag NOT main picture Unflattering portrayal of old women No head! J Z}L}}^ZKL]_} o E.g. In-flight Magazine Ad: Sony Noise-cancelling Headphones Old woman are annoying No heads! J o ]Z^K2Z}LZ_ - J}KL[Z}parts > faces - ,L[Z Z-}]Z~Z}K99K^@}}KL[Z - Frequency of appearance - Implications of face-isms o Stereotypes of women (transmitted in ads) Less face-ism DL]Loo]2L7 ]}]ZL}Z}Lo]7L}^]L]]oZ_ - More likely to show man to promote object, as well as face; if women, show more body Gender Stereotypes in TV Ads - Do we see similar stereotyping in television commercials? Iijima Hall and Crum (1994) KEYWORD = Tv ads study o Beer commercials o Few minorities app]LZ~]Z}7Zoo^ l2}L_ o More men than women in ads o Chest shots: men < women 49% woman (chest shot) vs. 24% man (chest shot) o Body shots: men < women Twice as many of women than men o Implications? Women seen as BODY not HUMAN Women: exterior > interior, de-humanizing - CURRENTLY: see a shift to men ads focusing on body image (buff)
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