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Alison Luby

Lecture 3 Ailya Jessa ARTICLE • Its masculine traits that are required for jobs • Even though the personality traits are more important than gender, there’s a higher bias for men for masculine jobs • When a women is doing well, we say she’s acting like a man, but it doesn’t apply the other way • Glick (1991) When rater believed masculine traits are required for a job, they assign it higher prestige and salary (trait matching) • Glick (1995)- Virtually all high-status jobs are male dominated • Gender Inequality Index • The more unequal genders are, the less status women achieve • The less gender equality, the worse it is for the health of the nation • Some jobs are thought to be hierarchy enhancing • Some jobs are hierarchy attenuation • Lawyers +police (men) • Hierarchy enhancing= male dominated • Hierarchy attenuating= mostly women • TYPES OF SEXISM • Dominant groups want to continue to be dominant, so they tend to justify their dominance • These belief systems help maintain and defend the existence of inequality • One way to justify one’s dominance is to believe that the subordinate group is naturally inferior • How can the dominant group maintain this belief while being interdependent on the subordinate group • A. Old-fashioned sexism • Don’t seem to care about the contradiction • Characterized by endorsement of traditional gender roles, differential treatment of sexes and stereotypes about femal incompetence • Old-fashioned sexism scale: o Women aren’t as smart as men o Its more important to encourage boys to participate in sports than to encourage girls to do so • B. Modern Sexism • Because it is unacceptable to express blatantly sexist attitudes in today’s society, sexism is expressed in more socially acceptable ways • Includes denial of discrimination against women • A hostility toward equality for women • And nonsupport of programs and legislation designed to improve women’s status • Measures on modern sexism scale o “Discrimination against women is no longer a problem in the US” o Antagonism to women’s demands o Basically the media is more concerned with the unequal treatment of women than is actually warranted • C. Neosexism • The manifestation of a conflict between egalitarian values and residual negative feelings toward women • Especially likely when a person feels threatened by the increasing power of women • Neosexist men are more likely to show a pro-male bias when evaluating competence and are less likely to support women • A typical first date o Script of a first date § Man chooses the location and picks her up § Man pays for dinner § Hold the door and pull the chair out § He gives her his jacket if its cold § Complement her § Drop her home etc. • D. Ambivalent Sexism Theory (Glick & Fisk 1996) • 1. Benevolent Sexism o Positive view of women in which the individual wants to protect women, respects and admires their roles as mothers, wives and idealizes them as romantic love objects o Protective paternalism, idealization of women, and desire for intimate relationships • 2. Hostile Sexism o a negative view of women such that they are inferior to and less competent and intelligent than men o Dominance-oriented paternalism, derogatory beliefs about women and heterosexual hostility o View women as unfit to hold positions of power o An overt justification to preserve male dominance • Ambivalent Sexism Inventory 1. 0 No matter how accomplished he is, a man is not truly complete as a person unless he has the love of a woman. 2. 0 Many women are actually seeking special favors, such as hiring policies that favor them over men, under the guise of asking for "equality.” 3. *4 In a disaster, women ought not necessarily to be rescued before men. 4. 0 Most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist 5. 0 6. *4 7. *5 8. Many women have a quality of purity that fe men 1 9. 0 10. 0 11. 0 12. 5 13. *5 14. 0 15. 1 16. 1 17. 0 18. *3 19. 2 20. 0 21. *0 22. 3 àSCORING: • REVERSE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: 3, 6, 7, 13, 18, 21 • (i.e., 0 becomes 5, 1 becomes 4, etc.) • HOSTILE SEXISM (HS) SCORE = average the following items: 2,4,5,7,10,11,14,15,16,18,21 • BENEVOLENT SEXISM (BS) SCORE = average the following items: 1,3,6,8,9,12,13,17,19,20,22 • OVERALL AMBIVALENT SEXISM SCORE = average of HOSTILE and BENEVOLENT SEXISM scores. Ambivalent sexism theory continued… • Hostile sexism correlates with the modern sexism scale and the neosexism scale o Antifeminist attitudes, denial of female discrimination and backlash towards changing gender roles • Women like men who fit a benevolent sexist profile much more than ones who fit a hostile sexism one • However, men like nonsexist best (Kilianski & Rudman 1998) • Women will obviously resent a man if he takes hostile actions toward her. • Benevolent actions toward women tend to result in gratitude • Benevolent sexist are kind of prince charming types: opening doors, getting things for women. . . (Obama pulling out Hilary’s chair) • Though it seems nice, it is paternalistic, treating a group as a traditional father would treat a child • Paternalistic t
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