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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Luby

Lecture 2: Dominance and Interdependence Extraterrestrial Sociologist Game Ehormbs o Larger, dominant, powerful, amass most resources Jumeres o Lower status but have pheromone (which gives Ehormbs a fantastic high) Relations o Interdependent (must be hostile if there is no pheromone) Significance of the study o Ambivalent attitudes towards each other o Ehormbs: think they are superior but still have positive feelings o Jumeres: resent the ehormbs powerresources but admire their successachievement and want to attract to get resources Gender Exceptionalism Unique gender relations: interdependent, ambivalent Social Distance Scale is used to assess many group relations but it does NOT work for gender relations o Ambivalent! most sexist men would still want to marry a woman Most men have positive attitudes towards women BUT want to maintain gender inequalitymale dominance ***Men and womens sexual interdependence HELP to shape societys male dominance (patriarchy)*** The Nature and Origins of Patriarchy A) Dominance as Protection Men can achieve reproductive success through coercive sex Chimps vs. bonoboos infanticide, strong male dominance vs. lack of competition for mates, egalitarian society Females protect themselves from aggress
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