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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Luby

Lecture 5: Descriptive and Prescriptive Stereotyping Descriptive and Prescriptive Functions of Stereotypes Macrae, Milne, and Bodenhausen (1994) on functions of descriptive stereotypes o Ps did two tasks simultaneously (forming an impression of individuals from presented traits with half of Ps given a stereotypic labels and listening to info about the geography and economy of Indonesia) o Ps were BETTER at remembering info when they have a stereotype to organize it together o When we use a stereotype to simplify the world, we have more resources available to help us do other cognitive tasks Functions of prescriptive stereotypes o Rationalization helps maintain and legitimize social hierarchies To avoid having to change the system To maintain feelings that ones society is just Descriptive Stereotyping We use stereotypes to PREDICT others traits and behaviors Gender stereotypes are learned very early in life (before cognitive ability is developed to reject them) automatic association with categories of people (link men with agentic traits, careers, and high-status roles; women with communal traits, family, and low-status roles) We can use implicit measures Implicit Association Test (IAT): easier to categorize objects together when they are ALREADY associated in your mental knowledge structures o Mapping female and science to the same response key slower RT in people who endorse traditional gender roles o Why use IAT instead of directly asking their attitudes? They might lie! IAT assesses potential biases that we might not even know that we have o Typically, IATs demonstrate strong in-group bias for high-status group members; weak in-group bias or out-group favoritism for low-status group members o BUT, gender-attitude IATs show OPPOSITE patterns! Men tend to display WEAK in-group bi
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