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Alison Luby

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LECTURE 1 Slide 4Stereotypes of gender more prescriptive than descriptive Slide 5Woman emotionalsensitive nurturing spatiallynumerically incompetent less intelligent than men physically weakfragile vaincatty to each other obsessed with shopping submissivedependentnot leaders politedainty agreeable scheming talkative cookcleanMen arrogant macho provider of family aggressive sports dominant sexually driven shallowsuperficial nonemotional predators practical handy in charge controllingselfsufficient ego sensitive no help physically strong cant express emotions Slide 675 countries say women are submissive superstitious and men are adventurousSlide 7Sex is biologically rooted so it works biologically you are either one thing or another In our geneticsOur social roles dictate the roles that womenmen have playedSince women have to take care of children give birth breastfeed they are tied to that roleThese characteristics limit the jobs we go into We have an expectation in socie
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