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Lecture 2

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Alison Luby

LECTURE 2  TA office hours Tuesday 11am-12pm Slide 4  When we fight for resources, we fight within each other.  Ehormbs would get hostile if Jumeres try to take control over resources.  The group on top will want to stay on the top and give the other group the minimal resources so they are satisfied and don’t complain. Slide 10  Sex created a strong bond between two groups. Slide 11  Valuable resources lead to hatred.  Social Distance Scale: Use scale to see how much people will accept groups in their society. Slide 13  This scale is applicable from bottom up but doesn't work the same way fro gender. Example: at the top you can say you’ll marry someone of the opposite sex, but you can still disagree with the bottom ones. Slide 15  Maintain that power differences but get people to do what you want (loving, kind). Slide 16  The reason there are differences (follow the stereotypes. Example: dominant man), is because the women pick the dominant man.  Women choose dominant men for protection. Slide 17  If you kill the child, she will have another one. Slide 18  Fighting between orangutans and chimps is because of sex with women. Slide 21  Men want to keep one group more powerful than the other because they are powerful. Slide 25  Women want men to commit so they can help raise babies. Slide 27  Social theory is an important one in social structural accounts.  Di
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