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Lecture 9

PSY333 Lecture 9

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Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

Lecture 9 9/26/12 2:07 PM Chapter 10 • Coping • Pessimist, optimist, hardy • 5 coping strategies: o 1. Taking direct action o 2. Evaluating action o 3. Inhibit behavior o 4. Intrapsychic -- reframing o 5. Seek help • Attitude= your evaluation of something (3 aspects) • 1. Cognition- take pills because they’re more effective • 2. Emotion based attitude • 3. Implicit and explicit attitudes o Classical conditioning, operant conditioning (positive reinforcement) o Socialization and cultivation o Different cultures have different definitions of health o We are all culturally constructed so it has an impact on our definition of health and our interpretation § What defines being health and not health § Social construction has an influence on how we define health o When we implement policy you look at context § WHO and WTO have come up with cultural and social attachments ú If the project doesn’t match the culture, it will fail o Explain what it means when you are health § Try to figure out what it means in each culture o Ex. Anxiety management § Exposure theory (flooding, desensitization) ú But take the context into account § Worry log ú The idea of something will bother us more than the real thing-- will get you more in tuned to the reality ú Reduce the stimulant factors- that induce anxiety § Maximize proactive thoughts- challenge it-- its not the en
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