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Nevena Simic

Health Psychology 5142012 23300 PM LECTURE 1 1 pagedeliver message of news story Put info of news story into lecture context Find the context for this in the widerbroader scientific literature find references 23 studiesresearch papers that explore the issue of the news story Discuss how topic fits into broader sphere of scientific literature Need thesis bring back points to thesis Integrate across these subheadings introduction body conclusion Style is important flow logic can TA follow it from beginning to end spelling grammar Include newspaper article to assignment Primary research has research findings methodsdiscussions section not peer review MC 4050 120 marks fill in the blank short answer written 4050 23 questions MC from textbook fill in the blank and short answer from lectureWhat is Health Psychology Health PsychologyDevoted to understanding psychological influences onHow they respond when they do get illWhy they become illHow people stay healthyIn 1948 WHO defined health as a complete state of physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease of infirmityFour Main Points in Health Psychology 1 Focus on health promotion and maintenance How to get children to develop good health habits 2 Prevention and treatment of illness Teach how to better cope with stress so that is doesnt adversely affect the person 3 Etiology and correlated of health illness and dysfunction Etiology refers to the causes of illness and HP are interested in behavioral and social factors that contribute to health or illnessdysfunction 4 Analyze and improve the health care system and the formulation of health policyWhat a health psychologists may do Vaccines Breakfast at school
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