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PSY333 MAY 14, 2012 Health psychology Soc309 Soc364 Soc346 Psy421 Psy396 Psy311 Psy328 Glg205 Cla204 Psy321 [email protected], [email protected] Health psychology 2 candian edition – taylor and sirois, Paper due in class may28th, worth 25% June 6 midterm, 40% Final exam some cumalitive Participation Paper – watch news story, metro etc, something health psych, recent from tonight. 6-8 pages apa style double spaced not including references, Summary 1 page or so the main message, put info into context what talking about in class. Demonstrate find context in wider broader scientific literature 2 or 3 scientific research papers that explore issue of news story, how topic fits into broader sphere of scientific literature. Any good summary of thesis bring back points to thesis statement, take essay and do chunks, intergrate across subheadings, support for it, th due may 28 , grading on content what present and how present so style important, flow, organized, follow argument begiging end. Include copy of it, staple it. Late penalty 10 after 5, 10 percent per day late. Midterm mc 40 50 and 100 total, sa 40 percent, and fill in the blank, Chapter 1 – 12 no 8 or 9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 midterm june 6th 10, 11, 12 9 Health psych - Devoted to understanding osych influences on - How people stay healthy - Why become ill - How the respond when they do get ill In 1948 the who defined health as a complete state of phsycial mental and social well being and not merely the abscvenve of disease or infirmity. - Doesn’t focus on physical body, illness how illness affect physical self - Epilipesly deal with szeizures, - Mental aspect of illness, what is good mental health - Social, good social relationships, social support, close intimate others, provide info cared for, info about illness, and even phys or monetary support 4 points in health psyhc 1. Focus on health promotion and maintenance – all issues surrounding health promotion and maintenance, hwo to get childerent to dvelop good health habits 2. Prevention and treatment of illness – what can do to prevent onset of illness, smoking is bad for you cut back stop smoking , tach how to better cope with stress so that is doesn’t adversely affect the person, help prevent treat illness, working ind that are stressed, cope with stress, 3. Etiology and correlates of health, illness and dysfunction – etiology referes to casuses of illness and HP are interested in behavioural and social factors that contribute to health or illness/dysfunction 4. Analayze and improve the health care system and the formulation of health policy – improve knowledge, Canada publicy funded, more and more into treating illness, toward health and preventing it, translate info from research to government of local Work with social network Keep these points in mind Small group exercise – list 10 examplers of what a health psychologist may do School nutrition/exercise Student wel being Anger management Assisiting situation at home Home safety Health care reforme Promoting vaccinations Vaccinations before travel Washing hands, Prevention – stress relief, yoga, med, Hp Study how psych process (mind), infleucnce phsycial well being (body) Mind body relationship, two sepreate, coexist one vessel or one unit Mind body, mind and body, unit or two processes Earliest times - The mind body were seen as one unit - Disease = evil spirits entering the body - Treatment – spirits could be exorcised, or penance monetary, physical, sacrificial Stone ages… - Trephination – small holes made in skull which allowed the evil spirit to leave the body as the “physician/shaman’ performed the treatment ritual Are they separate systems or part of the same system? Fig 1.1 timeline of mind-body relationship Changes in 2 edition Trephination – oldest known surgical procedure, cave paintings suggest that it was used as a cure for epileptic seizures, migraines, mental disorders, - Evidence of medicine kit to perform type of surgery - Skulls from trephination - Extract from skull, number, circular, size, location suggesting technique how well and understanding window or portal should be level of sophistication in treatment. The Greeks - First to realize role of bodily functions in health and illness - Developed a humoral theory of illness - Proposed by hippocrsates, expanded by galen - Disease = 4 circualting fluids of the body are out of balance – treatment = restore balance restore homeostasis of afflicted humors Humoral theory 4 humors - Black bile – melan chole - Yellow bille – chole - Phlegm (phlegm) - Blood (latin sanguis) - Humor is juice in greek - Greeks, romans, muslims, western Europeans - Balance depends of diet and exercise, vapors – scents – promote well being - Ass with various elements, blood with air, yellow with fire, phlegm with cold, black with earth - Wet and cold to dry and warm Humoral theory and temperament - Temepermant ( to mix) personality - Galen used temperament to refer to bodily dispositions which determeined how succeptile to particlualr diseases as well aws behavioural and emotional inclination - Later --- personolaity - Imbalance effect emotional well being - Climatic more phlegm more apathy - Black bile to melancholic (sad/depressed) - Coleric excess yellow bile more prone to anger - Personality effected by physical makeup, showing how mind body influence each other Middle ages - Back to mental explanations of illness - Mysticism and demonology - Disease = gods punishment of evil doing (penance for evil doing) - Treatment = driving the evil out by torturing (pay penance for evil act) - Evidence penace take place in physical form torture of physical self to excorcise evil - Later this therapy was replace by penance through prayer and good works; bloodletting (leeches part of medical kit suck evil out of body) - Church = guardian of medical knowledge - How to exorcise evil, priests were medical practioters Renaissance - Trying to break with the superstitions of the past, physiciions strongly renfirces the dualistic concept of mind and body - Physician = guardian of the body (physical self) - Theologians and philosophers = caretakes of the mind - Priest suggest penance, broken leg visit physican fix physical mind body seen as separate - For next 300 years physicians focused on organic and cellular chages and pathology as a basis for the medical inferences – physical evidence = sole basis for diagnosis and treatment - Only interested in physical illness As the years go by – rise of psychology - Freud – physical problems result from unconscious process – how mind body interacted - Conversion hysteria – idea that specific illnesses are produced by indi internal conficts – patients conversts conflict into symptom - Conversion occurs via voluntary nervous system: enables humans to react consciously to environmental change. Voluntary nervous system site of conversion bc allows us to react consciously to enivormental changes - Psych diagnose unconscious conflict, treat congflcit treat pshycial maliotry - Not understanding of physiology, Conversion hysteria - Rather then a asingle specific conflict dunbar 1930s and Alexander 1940s linked pattersn of personality to specific illnesses - Helped shape emerging field of psychosomatic medicince: bodily disorders can be caused by emotional conflicts (ulcers) - Physio mechanisms: conflicts ---- anxiety ---- physio toll on body via autonomic nervous system -- -- organic disturbance (engage various organs and time were them out) - Repressed emotions ---- increase acid in stomach ---- ulcer = anxiety increase acid through organic - Internal conflict uncoiuos through voluntary nervous system, mental psych to physical process if not treated - HP health promotion reach individual repressing emotions before ulcer release conflict express reduce anxity and reduce auto systmen and acid and prevent ulcer Criticisms - Work on which many of the formulations were based were methodialge problematic – no
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