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Nevena Simic

PSY333 MAY 23, 2012 HEATLH BEHAVORYS 3 HEALTH PROMOTION - Hand sanitier - Health promotion – process enabling people to increase control over and to omprove their health - Good health is a personal and collective achievement – what do for each other and personal achievem - Individual – develop goof health habits early in life and have them cont through adulthood – brushing teeth, seatbelt, ind behaviours - Medical practioner – teach people how to achieve this lifestley and help those at risk – physicians – cardiologist – hand in promiting health habuts – salt – activity decreasing sedentary lifestyle – medications – practitioner is teacher/educator - Psychologist – play role in developing interventions to help people practice healthy behaviours and change poor ones – cig packages risk of health – - Comm./nation – general empahis on good health – achieving good ealth – enhance ability of indi to promtote own health An intro to – role of behv factor - Change – change from infectious or acute to chronic illness Leading casues of death - 20 to 2000s - Decrease acute or infect like tb – treatment innovations and public health standards - As surving longer time for other conditions to set in – chronic illneses – stem from preventive disorders – we have control over behavior that increases risk – like preventable – like not to smoke risk factor so decrease so stop smoking – alc and drug abuse preventable - Clear role of behavior factors in diseases - Role for behavior factors – what we do contribute how healthy we are - Behavior role in disease - Half of deaths in Canada casuse by modifidable behavior – smoking, poor diest Health beh - Health be – beh we inbtake to enahbnce or maintain health - Health habits – healt related behaviours that are firmly esatbkished and oerfoermd auto without awareness – stabilize at age 12 11 reinforced by parents – brushing teeth - Develop initially reinforcement by positive outcomes and then ind of reinforcement and is maintained by envieromental factors – and resistant to changer Risk factoris for the leading casuses of death in Canada - Heart disease – eating habits, exercise, smoking, diet, - Cancer – sun exposure, sunscreen, screening, - Stroke – stress, hypertention - Accidental injury – safety, hiring someone , not driving while drinking, wear proper gear, mind alteing substance - Chronic lung disease – smokking, envireonement Benefits of suceesgul modification of health behavior - Reduce deasth due to lifestyle behaviours - Delay time of desath – increasing longevity and life expectancy – and quality of life - Expand number of years in which person enjoy life free from compliatctions of chronic disease - May begin to make a dent in the more than 1 trillion that is spent yearly on health and illness – promote then waiting to help Primary prevention - Instilling good health habits and changing poor ones is task of primary prevention - Two tasks - Ppl chamge problematic health behaviours – weight loss programs - Second – prevent ppl developing poor heaslth habits in the first place – smoking prevention in teens – most recent approach – how to eat healthy early on – at risk groups – before bad habits are instilled – teens at high risk so programs targeted to teens not to engage or change bheaviours – most recent approach is prevention What factors influence health related behave - 1 – scoioeconmic – se status drive to focus on health related behaviours - 2 – age – childhood, adolescence, later adult hood – like teens problematic – age is factor in health realted a U shape – childhood healthy bc looked by parents suprivision – and then dip at adolescence at lowest bc less suprivision – and with time the ability to engage healthy goes back – and then later health beahviours goes down bc of mobility for exercise or access services , decreased eyesight - 3 – gender – eating females more nutritious but more dieting – physical activity greater for male as while as alc consumption – no clear winner in gender war - 4 - ethnic - smoking aboriginal youth 3x more likely candaian average – diabetes – more prevalent – abdominal fat high risk of heart disease – Chinese more abdo fat for risk at cardiovascular disease then europes - 5 – values – example exerices and women in different cultures – emphasis in what is important – what healhy behavior could play role in if community actually values it like bodyweight and exxeceise seen different in African some more plumb is better is social status able to afford to feed self well good resources to marriage - 6 – personal control -0 health locus of control: perception ones health is under personal control, is controlled by powerful others such as physicisans or is determined by external factors including chance – personal control = better health habits - 7 – social influence - =ve or –ve - 8 – personal goals - 9 – perceived symptoms – smoker gets a cough were attribute if to smoke cut down on smoking - 10 – access to health care services – pap smears in nicuargaua – in Canada easy access – less true even in canda remote locations – access requires them to drive dteremine if the get screening – pap smear for cervical cancer - - 11 – place – rural = less access to services - 12 – cognitive – belief that behviours are benefeical and which ones are not Health habits diff to change - Health habits good or bad hard to change that behavior - Differ hh are controlled by diff favtors (env or personal) – what controls diet – selection of food – healthy foods more time in preparation to shop and prepare - What about descisin to exercise – time – access to facility - Diff fact may control the same health behavioiur for different people - Fact controlling health behave may change over the the history of the behavior (initiating factors no longer there) – friends smoke so u did peer pressure so maintained bc now enjoy sensation – pyshicall dependence - Factors control hb may change across a lifetime (peer groups) – peer groups initiate bad but help maintain exercise and overeat more with others then alone – drug use Who do we need to intervene with Wy intervent with chidlerena nd adol - Hh influecen by early socialization – role models = 1 parent later friends - Health promotion efforts capitalize on edu opp to prevent poor health habits from developing - Teachable moment – certain time are better for teaching particular health practives then others - Window of vulnerability – for smoking and drug use that occurs in junior high school when the students are first exposed to these habits among their peers - wofv – good better some time bad more likely - research suggest precatuins taken early life like adol may be more predictive of disease after 45 then adult behaviours - this means hh practive teens predict chronic diseases they have and what ult die of inter at risk people – advantage - prevent or elim poor hh - - even cant prevent the knowledge allows one to monitor - Know at risk know who to target – if get before set in eliminate - Efficient and effective ise of health promotion funds – target where problem is - Easier to identify other risk tfacots that may interact with the targeted factor in producing an undesirable outcome Diadvantahes - People do not perceive their risk correctly (unrealistly optimistic) - People tend to view their poor health behaviurs as widely shared but their healthy behaviours as more distinctive - When people see others in same unhealthy practive they may perceive a lower risk to their health - ETHICS – low risk cases. Psy problems develop,
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