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Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

WHAT IS HEALTH PSYCHOLOGYpsych consequences associated w ill health have long been notedWHOyou can be physically ne but not psychologically1970s psych principles applied to understand and improve healthhealth careemergence of elds of behavioral medicine and health psychyou could be ne in terms of the body but have some problem in your mindFreudrst to demonstraterealize how you could have no problem in terms of the body but have issues in terms of your mental healthsomatoform spto the body it doesnt have a clue and psychologically the person is illwhen you have psych issues it could hurt you physically hesitation formswords like um during presentationswhen the mind has a problem the body is going to demonstrate itif you think the problem is big your body is going to shrinkthe body is going to demonstrate how a person is going to liesocial psychologiststhey studied when Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinski the body says heshe was not feeling comfortable dichotomy of mind and bodymind and body connectedPlatothe body is embracing the soul bc the soul has been somewhere else world of ideas platonic of ideas philosophy termmind and soul supercede the soulideas are well received by the souland when the soul comes down the body becomes a companion to the soul and oblivious happens and people forget what they knewsome people have dejavu because they remSocrateswere midwives we need to help people do delivery beause they already have the concepts we just have to help them give birth to what they knowdescartestalks about mind and body as 2 diff thingshealth psychmedical model talks about the body physiological issues germ theory was prevalent to a large extent in the world of health and health psych for a while it no longer has its own sovereignty because of ndings doesnt justifyexplain everything about the body and mindfreud hysteria the body is ne but the person isntbiopsychological model in addition to the body you need to take into consideration the psych factorspsych factors are important how you translate things are importantthree types of behaviour passive aggressive and assertivepassive some people dont say anything when something bothers them they keep what bothers themselves inside Has negative impacts because you dont deal with it You dont express yourselfaggressive when you react to a problem in a physical manner impact blaming demonstrating chiding censoring and you feel bad about yourself
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