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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

PSY336 Positive Psychology Lecture #4 February 2, 2011 Functional value of storm reports: o Better preparation for situation o Defocuses you from your other issues sense of control Cost of storm reports: o Amount of time worrying = waste of time o Cognitive load o Negative emotions (stress episode) = arousing functions (capturing focus) Narrowingfocusing attention, behaviour, motivation creativity suffers Preparing for emergency Costs: wellbeing, cognitive load, problemsolving Candy: +ve emotion o More creative, open, flexible with world o Candle box task: +ve = promote creative problem solving Increase working memory and short term memory -ve = cautious, anxious, rigid in categorization Funny film clip = arousal, funny 58% solve Neutral film clip 11% No film 16% Negative clip 30% (arousal function maybe) Exercise 26% Positive emotions (functional payoff) = increases performance (invisible forces) Emotions play self-develop (build) *pay off o Peoples bodies +ve thoughts o Narrows -ve emotional o Play physical capabilities increase Conflict resolution Rules + learning Failure: o Video games = training you with failure Enjoying process Actually worked! o People have to try hard: Intense concentration etc. but dont care who wins Intrinsic motivations: o Takes away +ve emotions Extrinsic motivations: o No +ve emotional side effecs o External goal in activity o Emotional attachment to task = nonexistent o Task play o Task = work Metal can company: o Stopped calling workers employees but called them inventors o Changed labels o Changed ID of corporation o Suggestion box o Each worker has a specific space
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