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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

PSY336 Positive Psychology Lecture #5 February 16, 2011 Think of a BIG PROBLEM: o Probability that youre going to achieve your goal (1 to 5) o How hard you are working towards it (1 to 5) o What are you doing? ____________________________ Appraisals, framing, self-talk o What could you be doing? _______________________ On average, as a class, theres more we cando than we actually do! What are you? o You are a thinking system Is there any way you can change your though process? Change attributions? Framing? What kinds of thoughts pop into your head? o Do you ruminate? o All processes are thinking processes o In the moment you can change the thinking process o Automatizing changing thinking processes is harder o You are also an emotional system Goal pursuit Person dominated by negative affect; narrowed focus cant nurture; positive emotion opens up increasing positive affect Is there any way for you to change your emotional state in the moment i.e. pretty pictures, candy, relaxing scenes o You also a healing system Indirect way of solving problem Come up with more ideas to solve problems o You are a physiological system Bad care of body (run-down) = How can you enhance physiological positivity? i.e. eat a little less crappy food o You are a social system Quality of relationships affects you Arguably the most important aspect of quality of life What can you do to improve your social system? i.e. spend more time with people you like, less time with people you dont i.e. do nice things for people or express gratitudevalue them posttraumatic growth 3 4 solutions on average (of class); once you consider different facets of your being, you have more solutions o Increase options things you can do BIG problems: bring factors together to solve issues HOPE o Self-efficacy, optimism, positive illusions, agency o Snyder: Hope theory o Pathway and agency work together
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