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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Dan Dolderman

PSY336 Positive Psychology Lecture #10 March 30, 2011 Flow providing structure to consciousnessorder o Need to have construction Meditation structuring of consciousness o Practice; not a theory o regular practice most favourable o only = always just and = o Getting to know yourself (cognitive congruence) Cognitive thinking o Practice: Label thoughts: this is my anxious thought, this is my angry thought Therefore, better acquainted with cognitive landscape Detached perspectives generically as thinking o Cuts out a lot of cognitive elaboration o The root of suffering o Emptiness o Everything boils down to just thinking Start with an intensification of awareness. Whats actually going on vs. how you see it. o Discrimination between thoughts and reality Meditation = calming, moving toward stillness Posture of calm and dignity zen position (Self-supportive) + bring a certain sense of orientation Meditation independent structure o Fundamentally just calming self Flow external reality gives us structure o Something that can stabilize self o Finding a structure thats already within you we always try to fix stuff: o trying to calmsilence mind = stir up shizz o trying to make muddy water clean o letting the jar sit there (mind = drunken monkeys) o anchor (breath) mind and body (emotional state) become very attuned with yourself (subtle) o always letting go and consistent failure trying to let go begin to see intimacy of two things letting go AND returning (re-engagement) opposites release and active behaviour canoeing: o stressful because it keeps tripping o agitation between choppy waves o 5AM: you canoe + hear everything including single droplets of water o Choppy water 5AM water o Transition between choppy still o Still mind happens at the same time as the choppy mind! o Internal power source: The ability to affect something Alter the structure of something Causal source Relationship between insecurity and power
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