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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 1 Notes - If you want to be happy practice. If you want others to be happy practice compassion (Dali Lama) - Marty Seligman; the father of positive psychology (psychology viewed as victimology) - Only a decade year old (new) as well as ancient field; with questions drawn from ancient period - Key struggle of positive psychology; difficult to operationalize concepts in positive psychology (Ex. Challenging to measure humility) - Even the question of “how happy are you” can be a naïve question because the person unable to know for themselves (limited by the depth of self-awareness) Self-report fails in the measurements Syllabus Tests - 2 tests; MC midterm #1 (From this person’s perspective, what would be the best possible answer?) Like a short answer and essay type of questions. - Essay test for test #2 (Non-cumulative; yet may still ask for relation to materials in the first half) Papers - 2 thought paper assignments; 1 page long single spaced (opportunity to think critically about the reading) - Taking the info and generate some creativity (doing something creatively with it) - Marking Criteria; quality of your creative thinking (originality) and quality of your creative expressiveness (argumentative) - Standard research paper; opinion paper (can be done in small groups) 4 pages single-spaced - Creating your own best opinion with research and literature (not a literature review paper) Personally meaningful and personally applicable paper - 1) Habits change; how can you make people do new things in their lives? How would you create a program to make people stick with new habit? How do you make it stay? (Behavioural adoption plan that works in the short-term and sticks in the long-term) - 2) Analysis of the influence of your social network on your well-being; how social interpdependency influence your well-being? How can you enhance these influences for your well-being? How can you harness these powers and energies to enhance your well-being? (Ex. Making commitments public helps you in keeping your habits, conformity, social norms) - Creating an implementable plan in how a person can take steps in
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