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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Review: 1- Aristotle’s attunement 2-disitnc btwn hedonic and eudonia in terms of tools this led us into our discussion of goals, i.e. proper goal selection 3-Waterman quote: pursuing goals with “full engagement” (note key barrier to this other than directing attention, are emotions particularly negative ones) once you’ve picked the right goal full engagement connects to manipulating emotions 4-combines several of these }being aware/attune to self: imp for picking right goals Knowing why you’re doing something allows you freedom to reframe it in diff way to gain more control over self 5- goal structuring: i.e. writing things down, long term vs short, subdivisions 6-hope intervention= imp bridging exercise, involved thinking about big problem in life and then potent solutions which initially were few. But by deconstructing the self allowed us to quadruple the amount of solutions available recall sneider’s work on pathways we did a creative thinking exercise, but note creative thought is heavily influenced by emotions }overall half-dozen tools through course so far Today talking about Emotions: Oscar Wilde quote: I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, to dominate them. -All of us can control our emotions but often apply this inappropriately/ this ability hasn’t been cultivated to the degree that can be recall similar to unskillful application of motivations from last wk -All able to intentionally redirect our attention In class redirect attention exercise: can redirect attention at will and also to something that doesn’t exist ie a subjective inner space and ppl were substantially able to change their emotional experience which also manifests physiologically therefore imp for tools bc tells us that ppl can change their emotional state w/in few seconds from their normal fixing consciousness -but big problem= dealing with moment-by-moment emotions ex when someone critiques you our understanding of the emotional system is largely based on this ie when we get these negative emotions, ie how do we help ppl deal w/ them? -Dhalli Lamaa lot of things ppl do is bc lost control of emotions, Paul Ekman said we have to “give ppl back their heads” -Frederickson noted that after century of psych research had pretty good understanding of –ve emotions but underdeveloped understanding of positive emotions, why? -problem orientation/ individualistic pt of view w/ culture -sidenote: Why do zebras have stripes? and isn’t concordant with individualistic pt of view -Darwin wasn’t an individualistic thinker: Thought sympathy would result in flourish pop and raise most amount of offspring. -But species that evolved in groups would have evolved mechanisms that help function in group ex Humans in ability to communicate and be accepted -if you think of emotions in individualdanger thinking: i.e. emphasize situations that are dangerous/crisis -therefore what’s recognized about emotions= fast, efficient, automatic, easily trigger ((-_ meta- awareness)therefore they take our ability to reflect away, and instead prep us for action -Ekman says if emotions do function in this way i.e. under situations of crisis, it mean it wouldn’t of evolved for us to reflect/creative reflectingtherefore –ve emotions evolved for action (S.A.T.) -Ex. When you’re angry don’t sit around and think of creative solutions, rather as start to anxious or angry you usually keep doing the same thing that didn’t work before -Ekman argues that emotions evolved to prepare us for action, i.e. see a whole differential activation of physiological system Then Barb Frederickson
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