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PSY336H1F Lecture 1 May 13

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Dan Dolderman

ndPSY336H1F L1 May 13 20142 behaviourismo Huge impact on education business selfhelp How to Harness Motivation to change books psychotherapy 1 Control how you act perceive think feel o Problem not enough empirical research as a 2 Knowing the right way to act perceive think feel foundation o Easier to know than controlDuring 1960s as cognitivecomputer models appeared statisticsempirical methods becameSelfawareness mindfulness selfcontrol more importantSelfcontrol Balancing when to have control or let go rd By 1990s humanistic psych not the 3 forceDont give in to learned helplessnessSaligman Revive the Humanistic questionsSelfawareness of our Attribution Styles o Rebrand under the umbrella of Positive PsychChange our schemas filters lenses cognitive habits o Using empirical researchReframe bad things into challenges we can overcome o Psychobiologyfind biological underpinningsWhat does being happier look like o In a way is a new discipline yet the questionsasked are old Problems besides losing motivation o Positive psychologists can have many professionsSometimes its hard to find motivation in the first place blended into the other disciplines o We dont always have a sense of what makes us feelEx developmental psych envtal psych aliveBlurry boundaryOver or underexertion of controlEx positive negative emotions regulateNot knowing how to be each otherNot doing anything o Large overlap w clinical psychology But positive psychologists move peopleThis course should be useful practical towards wellness versus not sick focused onTake theoretical knowledgeturn into skillset growthThemes The psychology of wellbeingGoals19989 start of Positive psych o How do we accomplish them set them more effectively o Marty Soligman became president of APAHow do we adopt new habits o Did the dog learnedhelplessness expts in the 1970sToolshelped explain depression attributional tendencies o Being your better self o Psych was focused on negativity wanted to expand on o Working w your intac
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