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PSY341 January 8, 2013 Historical influence child maltreatment and developmental psychopathology Treatment of children is key in historical analysis and how clinical psychology has evolved over time What developmental psychopathology is and assessing disordered behavior Developmental ps - Infanticide - Typical at a time back in bad old days perspective children if child not worth rearing abandon it and take about by animals some cases pass up for adoption - Soranus on point scale how infant is responding and inference of neurological and physiological status but before look at muscle tone the father or eldest male and pick child up and would be accepted into family - Most early states practices child sacrifice in cathrage, kill child if gods grant them a favor like goods arrive in port. Bc child not born alive would throw in another child, sacrifice was by the rich - Bridge or building child buried as foundation sacrifice, London bridges falling down - Lloyd - Fringe figure psychoanalysis journal of psychohistory credible is hostiry of childhood number of sources idea evolution of parent child relationship is separate area of social change that is important and is vehicle of transmission of all culture traits - Importance on child rearing and notes brutality treated children that still not gone away - Massuchest – non compliance adolesnce children put child to death if stubborn, no child killed law in effect law passed in us is staggering liscen gives parents - 1750 3 to 1 odds, so many children not all maltreatment but health care and economics - 100 years – typical of 2 ad - First society for protection offshoot of protection of cruelty to animals First case of child abuse, edda whella of mary Ellen and not stand by but no one would listen only way is to contact cruelty for animals nys= society for prevention of cruelty to children Conention of rights of child - Many org concerned with welfare of children and protect from abuse - Diff problem to get handle on for prevalence - Universally adopted by general assembly of un in 1990 and 120 countries adopted and ratified it not by us or Somalia, Somalia bc wore torn for so long, - Convention rights of child provision 3 p’s - Seem basic to some extent - Universal standard for children regardless where they are - Conservative religious right in united states concerned un usurp national and state sovereignty and undermine parents authority sue parents join gangs and have abortion un telling parents how to raise children - Section 43 Permits physical punishment by parents and upheld by supreme court in 2004 new limitations must be used for correction not admin for under 2 or teenagers or with disability or context factors not learn from it not degrading inhuman or harmful not on head and not result from caregiver frustration but 90 percent probably does - Canada quote ambiguous then – and continuing problem not just phys or sexual but of neglect - 1 percent is discovered but what can go on for years and years and remain undiscovered and quite dramatic Chart - Neglect is most common 3 types - Other – exposure to congenital addiction and threatening - Physical abuse - And differences in gender how breaks down - Mandela – quote – how treat children Itard - Interested in deaf Autism what we call autism and evidence he actually identified autism and wrote paper on it in 1825 in any event took on victor wild boy, not clear story of victor abandoned by parents in forest age 5 lived to 12 emerged and object interest in paris as wild boy. Was scarred and was mute and gradually acquired bit o language couldn’t write firth proposed he was autistic and itards interest and view of things - Itard developed behavior modification techniques for impaired children - And sequin wrote book for development of treatment protocols or mentally retarded indi Truffant – movie he play itar Kids kicking him bold to want to educate him, abandoned him bc abnormal. Itard took position it was environmental it had to do with being abandoned his efforts not successful but developed techniques passed on by sequin Pestalozz - Swiis clergy men translate ideas of Rousseau training individuals to become citizens - Learn by doing by activities rather then being lectured at and innate power to learn through observation and sense of inquiry - Stans town in Switzerland lots of orphans in abandon nunnary set up school and used techniques - Some think his influence illiteracy eradicated by 1860 almost Witmer - Founder of clinical psychology he coined the term u of Pennsylvania - Aaron beck cbt - Positive psychology - Liked bc objectives to help kids struggling in schools - Years of neuropsychological assessment and doing bad at school what can we do about it Journal - Volume 1 - Clinical psychology 9 pages explaining definition – applied proactive use of psychology to make difference in persons lives - First psychological journals Simon scale - Charged with French gov to develop tool to which children most benefit from special education - Developed mental age – compared to ability still use it - Iq tests have been reviled in states, intelligence was reified - Binet concerned and ways to make a difference to fix up kids not doing well and intelligence something not born with, genises of intellectual test developed in this kind of milieu - Bead stringing task, beads on rods used in many tests - Simon binet research assistant - Scale swept across france and north America Hall - Many aspects of psychological development and used standardized tests - American journal of psychology first American journal - Freuds only visit to America and his presence was controversial - He had stage theory broad stages children not educated to age of 8 and only certain things addressed and sexes segregated more effective education and real education begin teach love and service a
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