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Lecture 8

PSY341H1 Lecture 8

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Hywel Morgan

PSY341H1S L8; July 31, 2013 o Most didn’t participate in school sports Conduct Disorder o Computer wizes  From the last video, we didn’t see a lot of Evan’s bhvr – he o Many mesmorized by fantasy school massacre from a seemed quite passive movie o CD requires person be aggressive to other ppl, things o Feeling they were being picked on o Love of guns o Sympathy directed towards Evan o We only hear about his actions o Avid readers of gun magazines – directed towards o He’s called “the trouble maker” young men, has nudity o 7 of 8 got the guns from their own home or a neighbour  Let’s look at it from another perspective o Littleton, Colorado: April 20, 1999  Time of terror o Columbine high school – two 18yr old teenage boys o Flashbacks o Insomnia, crying murdered classmates, a faculty member, shot themselves to death o Parents affected as well  Prior criminal records o Josh, Bri – ppl shot around them  Shot guns, pipe bombs  Father encourages josh to talk o Has happened in other countries, and has happened  Both trapped in library (primary killing ground, 10 since shot) o A wake up call – shocking because of the scale on which  Jocks first asked to stand up  “Anyone with a sports cap on or emblem in dead” it occurred o Front page of USA Today: Students massacred in Colo.  Talking about it can begin the healing o Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold had planned this  Kids want to get it out meticulously in a suburban middle class garage &  Otherwise, come to slow steady standstill carried it out (planned to kill more ppl)  Bri feels guilt because she said she didn’t want to die o Are they conduct disordered?  No rational explanation – so the kids make them up o Is there a psychopathology?  Kids seem strong for now 1 video clip: from 48 Hours (occurred in the last two days) Part 2 Who these ppl are  Many empty threats on other schools Part 1  Studies show students, not adults, are most likely  Filmed 48 hrs after it occurred knowledgeable about violent classmates  Who were Eric & Dylan? o Need way to report  What were the circumstances in which they found  Before: Springfield, Oregon themselves?  Before: Jownsbarow, Arkansas  Why did they do what they did?  Before: Paducah, Kentucky  Who were they? o Dec 1 1997  What was the envt around them? o Missy Jenkins: Vivid memories constantly replay  Is this disordered psychopathological bhvr or is it simply o 3 students killed by Michael Carneel criminal? o Shot Missy in back  paralyzed  Try to determine the cause  Missy – sounds like firecrackers  Monuments  Self-described “Black Trench Coat Mafia”  Asking for $130 million  Human damage  Pushing against video games, porn websites o Victims still w pencils in their hands  The Basketball Diaries – dream sequence, Leonardo  Many options Dicaprio massacres students & teachers while in a black o Ppl might’ve assisted before & during trench coat o A lot of preparation – some devices might’ve already  Videogame Doom – palyed by Carneel, kids in Colorado been in the school o Make a hero out of a killer  Associated ppl, dressed similarly  Missy doesn’t think the video is responsible o Interviews & released o She doesn’t’ understand why anyone hasn’t learned  The notes: o hatred, deep seated feelings of unhappiness & revenge Part 3  Profile of a killer:  Marefield, Iowa o Luke Wilerm – shooting rampage at his highschool in  November 1997 1997  Two 18yr olds o Carried his weapon underneath trench coat to school  Killing & maiming 23 cats in a cat shelter o Resentment towards athletes  Malice, anger, hatred  The most recent 8 massacres are similar  Ppl thought they wouldn’t go to jail o Male  Many weren’t worried o White  Two psychologists disagreed – animal abuse, warning signs o From suburbs – everyone surprised  Pressure where both parents have to work  Study shows animal abusers 5 times more likely like peers to commit criminal offenses fulltime jobs o 3 times more likely for substance abuse o Lived w working mothers & fathers o Red flag, warning sign o In DSM  Suggests that watching violent media causes  Man beat, stabbed dog, watched her burn to death violent bhvr – unacceptable conclusion since it’s a  Months later: killed mother, stabbed 2 students correlational study  Morrisey wants psychiatric evaluation of the two boys before  Need to take 2 grps of children: subject 1 grp to it’s too late violent media, other grp to Barney o Chad’s father thinks his son is normal  Not ethical!  Denial  So these studies haven’t been conducted  Judge suspended prison sentence  1 day in jail for each cat  Possibly, aggressive children seek out violent media killed (23 days) o Also 3 yrs in a youth offender program – receive counselling 2ndvideo clip: Potential causes (specifically envt’al) o One of the harshest sentences in the country for animal abuse  What the media says about the causes of this particular incident  Rmbr in the last video, Mike kicked the dog – indicative of  Ppl have had access to guns for yrs what he might do to ppl  Something must’ve happened recently  These two boys mutilated cats  “our children are raised by the media” o Higher intensity than kicking a dog  Gratuitous violence o Clearly indicative of something abnormal  Cosovo: Kids pick up hatred o I don’t care about myself, I don’t care about society  Part 4 link self to grps  Mourning the dead 3 days later  Learn from an early age how to put ppl down  The seniors were 3 wks away from graduate o More gratifying at an early age to put someone down  Loren – killed than compliment them o Had plans for future o Children make artificial distinctions o Honor students  Is this revenge of the nerds? o Captain of girls varsity volleyball team  Feel rejected  Greg didn’t deal well in epilogue  Kids immersed in violent imagery  Parents afraid that the kids will be forgotten  Research: effect of violence in television on kids is same as effect of cigarette smoke on cancer Class Discussion  Should tax violent movies  use money to help victims  Are Eric & Dylan conduct disordered?  It takes the human will to pick up a gun and use it o Angry young men – are they?  Want g-d back in schools  moral standards o Are they evil or are they mentally disturbed?  Spiritual emptiness o Perhaps had Depression  Kids involved in a kind of loving spiritual religion often don’t o Lack of impulsivity have these psychopathologies  Premeditated – indicates criminally ill o Give them something to fall back on o Answer: Not clear o Limits their rage  By definition, is clearer (delinquency vs CD)  The boys believe their right to do their violent actions  A lot of research looking at Antisocial Personality Disorder  Harris, Klebold families – sent out sympathies via media o Many who do very well in life – CEOs o Want privacy  They do whatever it takes  “worst shooting in US history at a school”  What connects these offenders?  Background info: o Feel picked on, bullied o Upper income neighbourhood o Quiet o Preoccupation w violent tools o Eric = quiet o Nice families  esp love of guns o Neighbour overheard a convo the week before about o Suburban, middle-class background  Families absent, working using glass for a bomb, heard constant glass bashing
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