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Hywel Morgan

PSY341 Lecture 04 Part II (After Midterm) Mental Retardation  DSM: diagnose mental retardation based solely on IQ  not in terms of adaptive behaviour (=proper behaviour for situation)  Mild: 70-55 IQ range; Moderate 55-40; Severe 40-20; Profound under 20  What other disorders looks like mental retardation  Depression on IQ test  they are not at their optimal but patter on response is different Learning Disorders  All deficits where a child falls behind his/ her developmental norm  DSM-IV considers mentally ill Motor Skills Disorder  Bayley Scale comes into effect  looking at milestones  Disorders of coordination , movement Communication Disorders  Disorders of speaking (Expressive Language)  unclear language, poorly pronounced words, poor grammar  Speaking & Understanding  phonological pronunciation  Phonological Disoroder  substituting one sound for another = Mixed Receptive- Expressive Language Disorder Pervasive Developmental Disorder  all things consider autistic like  Rette’s Disorder – doesn’t appear til 2 weeks vs. autism which is early in infancy o Characteristic of Rett’s  hand-wringing  Childhood Disintegrative Disorders  more slow onset of autistic like disorder  from infancy to non-responsive interactive state  Asperger’s Disorder - apparent from birth, characterize by total rejection of social interaction o Have difficult time interpreting & communicating emotions valence of speech ( e.g. sarcasm) Attention- Deficit & Disruptive Behaviour Disorders  Include both ADD & conduct disorder  mostly co-morbid  ADD & ADHD  used interchangeably  but DSM diagnosis is Attention deficit w/ OR w/out hyperactivity  Conduct Disorder also refe
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